About us


Soon Ang Eggs Trading Sdn Bhd has been known as the friendly neighbourhood to-go place when it comes to buying eggs. As one of the main distributors within the egg trading industry, Soon Ang Eggs Trading Sdn Bhd has stayed true to their vision of ensuring that their customers receive the best quality products and pleasant service while making purchases with the company. Our quality-oriented goal is to ensure that every family gets an opportunity to try freshly produced eggs on your dining table. Since eggs and rice are the common diet of families in Malaysia, we hope to be able to provide these basic necessities at only a fraction of the cost.

Our Mission

Being in the industry for the past many years, we have always stayed close to our intentions of providing healthy and good quality products to our customers. We envision that our brand is able to remind our customers of our intentions to be able to serve nothing but the best quality eggs and products. Products purchased from Soon Ang Eggs Trading Sdn Bhd are high quality and 100% natural so that every family can consume with a peace of mind and bring unforgettable memories to every household.

Why Choose Us?


No added preservatives, free from injected hormones, no additional chemicals. Safe consumption for adults, children and infants.


Our breed of chicken are being fed with the best quality raw ingredients to produce the finest quality of eggs with the highest value of nutrition.


Natural tasty eggs with no added flavouring. Whether you wish to steam or fry the eggs, the taste would be eventful and unforgettable.

Providing greatness on each bite

Our Product

Ma Cao Eggs

Ma Cao eggs are widely known for being highly nutritious and without the fishy-pungent smell of normal eggs. Our breed of hen are specially fed with a mixture of Napier grass and other raw ingredients to produce these high-quality eggs.

Omega Eggs

Omega eggs are produced by hens fed a diet containing flaxseed. When the hens digest the flax, some of the ALA gets broken down into DHA and both fatty acids transfer to the yolk. Compared to normal eggs, Omega eggs are known to have higher value of nutrition to improve cardiovascular health.

Kampung Eggs

Kampung eggs are produced by a special breed of chicken found in Malaysia referred to as Kampung chickens. These chickens are fed through natural ingredients such as vegetable leaves and other grains and these eggs are known to improve the growth and brain development in children.

Preserved Egg

Our Preserved eggs are made from fresh duck eggs. After the selection and grading process, our eggs are filled with salt, lime, tea and several other ingredients in order to bring the best flavor for our customers. The eggs are being preserved for almost one month to produce a fresh and fragrant smell just for you.

Committed in


We work hard to ensure that our eggs are fresh and 100% natural. We assure that our farms and business processes will be able to produce and supply you the best grade eggs suitable for the consumption of your family.


Let you and your family enjoy the best quality products